Workshops and Courses

Group of people talking in the front of Action Read.

Action Read has workshops and events throughout the year. These workshops address popular learning topics, provide ongoing tutor support and enrichment or they may engage and build community.

Here are examples of recent Action Read workshops.  If you have suggestions for ones we should offer, please let us know!

Learner Enrichment

  • Cash Register Training
  • Receptionist Training
  • Money Sense
  • How to Save Your Money
  • “Staying Safe” Workshop with Constable Dean
  • “Adding to my Skills” Numeracy Project
  • Employment Track Express 60 Hour Computer Course
  • Goal Setting Group

Community Engagement

  • All-Candidate Meeting for the Federal Election
  • Action Read Giant Garage Sale
  • Halloween Party in support of the United Way
  • Wee Read Annual Early Literacy Conference
  • Water Conservation Workshop with Wellington Water Watchers
  • National Family Literacy Day Celebration in partnership with the Local Immigration Partnership

Volunteer Support

  • Orientation to Ontario Skills Passport
  • Introduction to Kurzweil 3000
  • Tools for People Who Learn Differently
  • Tutor Trainings
  • Adaptive Technology Workshops

Community Building

  • Halloween Party Games Night in support of the United Way
  • Holiday Party
  • Volunteer Appreciation Celebration
  • Community Picnic

Learner Safety and Health

  • Simply in Season food and nutrition groups
  • Healthy Living Group
  • Tai Chi Workshop
  • Action Read Walking Club