Make a Referral

Rotarian Joanne and staff member Jan discussing our programs.

Who can become an Action Read learner?

  • Anyone over 19 years of age who struggles with reading, writing and numeracy
  • Adults cannot be attending high school, but may attend another community program while accessing our services
  • Adults who have the ability to take oral instruction in English at a minimum level 6 Canadian Language Benchmarks. We are not an English second language program, though English may be a second language for some learners.

Helpful tips when referring someone to Action Read

  • Explain why you think Action Read might help.  Be concrete about how specific skill improvements could help them achieve their goals.
  • Use positive language. The decision to work on literacy skills is a big step for anyone.
  • Don’t pressure someone to call.  Our program requires commitment.  Adults are more likely to follow through when they make their own decisions.
  • Let them know that we can provide help with bus and childcare costs if these costs are barriers to coming.
  • To address someone’s anxiety about coming to Action Read, any individual or service provider can schedule a tour before an intake appointment.

Okay – I’ve called.  What’s next?

  • We will schedule an intake meeting at our downtown office.
  • At the meeting, we will have a conversation to determine goals, current skills, learning style, schedule and accommodations.
  • If appropriate, we will introduce some activities so we can observe current skills, learning strategies and challenges.
  • We will recommend an Action Read program or refer a more appropriate service.
  • We will write a training plan to suggest tasks, strategies and resources appropriate to the goals.
  • Action Read staff will continue to assess and support the learner throughout training to ensure that goals are being met.

If you have questions about coming to or referring someone to Action Read, please give us a call at 519-836-2759. We’d be happy to hear from you!