Family Literacy

Girls listening attentively to story being read

The Early Start Family Literacy Program provides free opportunities for parents/caregivers and preschool aged children to engage with each other in early learning activities and to further develop early learning partnerships. The program helps children build the skills that will lead to success at school right from the start. To get involved, check out our current schedule.

We offer:

  • Story-time, number and language games, songs, rhymes, word play, puzzles and crafts;
  • Nutritious snacks;
  • Ideas and resources for activities at home;
  • A book lending library for children and parents;
  • Caring, nurturing Early Childhood Educated qualified staff; and
  • Information on other programs and services.

Our program celebrates and emphasizes the joy of learning. We recognize that fostering early learning is vital to creating healthy families, adults and communities.

Our program promotes and encourages a love of reading, oral storytelling and play-based learning. These values create the foundation upon which the child’s journey of lifelong learning begins.

When reading is associated with quiet, relaxing, moments of pleasure with caring adults or older children, it becomes a bonding experience and a wonderful escape. Reading to children develops pre-literacy skills such as vocabulary building, oral language and comprehension. Children also need to see their parents valuing learning in their own lives.

Family literacy programs heighten parental awareness of the learning opportunities found in everyday experiences and the importance of tapping into each child’s interests and passions. Parents also come to understand more fully the essential role, conversation, singing, rhyming and oral storytelling play in their children’s literacy development.

To get involved, check out our current schedule.