Adult Literacy Programs

Action Read Learners and Voluteers working hard.

If you have learning goals, please check out our Adult Literacy Programs or give us a call at (519) 836-2759. Need more convincing? See how Action Read has made a difference for these learners…


Since the spring, Kelly worked diligently on fractions, equations and word problems with her tutor and Action Read’s math teacher. She recently passed a college math test which opens the door for her to enter into an Early Childhood Education program. As a single mom, Kelly could never have afforded the cost of a private tutor. However, while Action Read provided the programs, Kelly made it happen!


Before coming to Action Read, John did not know how to turn on a computer, let alone how to use one. But as a legally blind adult, John knew that the use of one would greatly increase his personal independence.  With grit and tenacity, the help of a dedicated tutor and voice-activated software, John has learned word processing and how to conduct internet searches. He now checks his bank account online and is setting up automatic withdrawals for his bills. His tutor is now helping John with the guide dog application.


Amber has made leaps and bounds in her reading ability. She’s taken advantage of the resources at Action Read to help define her career goal of becoming a chef and break it down into achievable steps. She recently organized a cooking class which provided a hands-on learning opportunity to other Action Read learners. Organizing the class involved finding the chef, planning a healthy and budget-conscious menu and food preparation!